Bicycle Service & Repair

Our professional workshop is staffed with highly trained expert mechanics who are obsessed by two things – bike technology and attention to detail.

The level of technical knowledge at Mapdec is insane. Our mechanics are trained to very high standards but most importantly we are obsessed with making bikes work the way they should. Our professional workshop is fully equipped with high performance tools, including those annoying proprietary branded tools that make simple jobs tricky if you don’t have them.

We fix what other shops can’t.

Seriously, we love a challenge and we are often the final port of call for mechanical issues after other shops have struggled or don’t have the tools.

    • When you drop your bike off, or it arrives from collection, we will give you an estimated turnaround time(2-3 days), it might be 7 days if we are very busy, usually May - July. If there are delays in part availability we will let you know.


  • Check out our YouTube channel for more from our workshop

  • £35 Race Ready

    You think your bike is in good condition, but you would appreciate a trained eye to check for anything that might fail in your big event. Checks of tyre, tube/sealant, chain wear and condition, shift cables, break pads, spoke condition, bolt torque check, frame and wheel inspection. 

  • £35 Filthy Rider

    You've been out in the mud and everything needs a right good scrub. Includes: Fame scrub, access BB, and HS bearings for a whipe and grease, clean chain and lube.

  • £70 Full Service

    Things have worn out, starting to malfunction and your bike needs making safe again. Includes: Replacement of consumables like tyres, break pads, gear cables, chains, bar tape, ect as well as a good clean, lube and safety checks.

  • £160 Full Rebuild Service

    Every part removed, inspected, serviced. Includes: Wheels, Drive train, brakes, etc. Everything except suspension and dropper posts.

    If we encounter very worn small parts like bearings we will replace them as we go and add these parts to the invoice. For bigger components we feel are excessively worn to achieve the 'as good as new' result we will quote and seek authorisation for the parts needed. We will price match parts from UK websites (including all taxes and shipping).

    This service package does not include eBike motor service, suspension pivot bearings, or suspension servicing.

  • £260 Full Bounce rebuild

    Full rebuild service but also includes forks, shocks and seatpost basic service. Includes: Fork lower leg service, shock air can service, dropper shaft service.

  • We are an authorised service centre for Bosch, Shimano, Fazua, Yamaha and VOLT. Generally an eBike motor service is an additional hour labour to remove the motor, service, replace and update firmware. This can depend on access and bikes with lots of covers or framework restricting access can cost more. For example, eCargo bikes often need lots of framework removing to get access.

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