Bicycle Service & Repair Options

Our Independent & Dedicated workshop exists only to repair and service bikes. We don't rely on selling parts to run our business. We promise to price match an in-stock UK price. We offer a range of off the shelf services for a guaranteed labour rate, or we can quote for any job you have in mind. Use these options as a guide of what to expect for your service investment. Select an option to view prices.

  • Our Workshop operates on a first come first served method, there is no need to book, unless you have a very specific time frame. When you drop your bike off, or it arrives from collection, we will give you an estimated turnaround time. Most of the time it is 2-3 days, it might be 7 days if we are very busy, usually May to July. If there are delays in part availability we will let you know.

    All our mechanics are fully trained, have excellent eye for detail and take pride in their work. We are professionals and strive for excellence in our trade. The workshop is fully equipped including electric hoists and top quality tooling from Wera, Knipex and Park Tools, and we have a dedicated suspension servicing suite complete with nitrogen charging facilities.

  • £25 Half Hour Labour

    Our minimum labour charge is ideal for the quick fix, and the, "can you just?" work. This would be things like replacing gear cables, fitting new brake pads, sorting a loose spoke or replacing a worn chain.

  • £50 One Hour Labour

    For more involved jobs or multiple little jobs. This might be for things like full system brake bleeds, brake lever rebuilds, bottom bracket repairs, wheel truing & tensioning, Tubeless setups, and internal cable routing. An eBike motor service as part of a bigger service would fall into this charge.

  • £65 Full Service

    This is a guaranteed labour rate for consideration of the whole bike. Ideal for bikes that are generally in good condition, but have a few niggles or need parts degreasing to return the bike to functioning safely.

    Replacing consumables like brake pads, cables, tyres and chains would be included, as would any work needed to adjust brakes, gears and wheels. Parts are generally left attached to the bike and wiped clean in situ. Internal parts like bearings and motors are not adjusted. If these parts are found to be unsafe we will quote to replace them.

  • £140 Full Strip, clean and Service

    Our best value service for most bikes, this is a guaranteed labour rate for completely stripping down your bike, meticulously cleaning and servicing every component and rebuilding to 'good as new'.

    If we encounter very worn small parts like bearings we will replace them as we go and add these parts to the invoice. For bigger components we feel are excessively worn to achieve the 'As good as new' result we will quote and seek authorisation for the parts needed. We will price match parts from UK websites (including all taxes and shipping).

    This service package does not include eBike motor service, suspension pivot bearings, or suspension servicing.

  • £250 MTB Full Strip and Service

    For complex bikes with lots of pivots, suspension and internal cables, this is a guaranteed labour rate for a full strip, clean and rebuild of all parts, including pivot bearing replacement, fork (lower leg), shock (air can) and seatpost (50h) service. These jobs often uncover worn or damaged parts and we will quote and authorise their replacement with you. Where bikes have free pivot bearing warranties we will ask for the purchase receipt so that we can obtain these for you. For eBikes in this category we will service and update your system.

  • We are an authorised service centre for Bosch, Shimano, Fazua, Yamaha and VOLT. Generally an eBike motor service is an additional hour labour to remove the motor, service, replace and update firmware. This can depend on access and bikes with lots of covers or framework restricting access can cost more. For example, eCargo bikes often need lots of framework removing to get access.

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