Bicycle Service & Repair Options

  • Our Independent workshop exists only to repair and service bikes. We don't rely on selling parts to run our business. We promise to price match an in-stock UK price.

    We offer a range of off the shelf services or can quote for any job you have in mind. Use these options as a guide of what to expect for your service investment. Select an option to view prices. 

  • £25 - Our minimum rate is for those "can you just" moments. Jobs that take about 30 mins or less to complete, depending on the complexity of the job it might include things like:
    • Changing Tyres or setting up tubeless tyres
    • Fitting new brake pads or a quick system bleed
    • Fitting a new gear cable and tuning gears
    • Swap a gear cassette or swap out a Bottom Bracket
  • £50 - Our hourly rate for more complex jobs that don't require a full service package. It might include things like:
    • Replacing a broken spoke and truing or tensioning a wheel
    • Replacing cartridge bearings in your hubs or suspension pivots
    • Fitting a new cable set and tuning gears and brakes
    • internal routing disc brakes and dropper posts and bleeding
    • Fault checking and repair of Di2, Power Meters and eTap
  • £65 - A guaranteed price for a full check-up

    We run through a full check, tune and lube of all parts and systems with the bike intact. We only remove and replace parts that are worn, and with your approval. We run a full PDI Safety check, and bolt torque check. If a lot of work is required it may be worth going straight to a full strip & service.

    This is also a great option for building a bike that may have been purchased online, or for checking over a 2nd hand purchase, giving you peace of mind that it is roadworthy and safe.

  • £140 - Your bike fully stripped bare, deep cleaned, lubricated and rebuilt better than new. For high-performance bikes we recommended this service once a year. We strip both frame and wheels for a thorough clean and degrease using our Rozone and Ultrasonic cleaners. When we reassemble your bike we will fit fresh gear and brake cables to a spec of your choice. (new bar tape may also need fitting) This service leaves your bike looking and feeling like new and includes everything below:

    • Clean, face and rebuild headset
    • Strip, clean, rebuild and grease both front and rear hubs
    • True/Tension wheels, clean rims and check tyres
    • Check & fit brake pads and rotors if required
    • Clean brake callipers and align, bleed or replace cables
    • Remove, clean and oil drivetrain, replace worn parts
    • Fit new gear cables, and adjust and index gears
    • Full bolt torque check
    • Remove, clean & grease seat post
    • Clean and polish frame

    Parts at extra cost if needed. We price match or let you source your own parts. This service does not include frame pivot bolts, suspension servicing or wheel building from scratch.

  • £250 - The ultimate Mountain Bike Service. We will do all the work outlined in our 'Full Strip & Service' but add:
    • Rear Shock Air Can service; clean, replace seals, oil and hardware
    • Front suspension Lower Leg service; internally clean, replace wiper seals, air spring service, lubricate
    • Seatpost service (Rockshox Reverb 50 hour)
    • Replace brake fluid and bleed
    • Pivot bearings replaced or re-greased
    • Replace tubeless sealant

    We can adjust the cost of this service to suit the parts on your bike, for instance, you may not run tubeless tyres, or your wheels might be brand new and not in need of a service.

    For Hardtail Mountain Bikes just add a suspension fork service to the 'Full Strip & Service' option.

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