GDPR Statement

At Mapdec Ltd we are concerned about your data, and have eliminated the need for us to hold any of your data on our own systems.

  • We use highly credible and reliable 3rd party internet services to handle the data you supply us. These services use more secure data protection than we could hope to achieve on our own.
  • We recognise that how we access this data must be controlled at its point of use. Each service we use as highlighted below is password protected and only accessed by the director of the company. Some services as highlighted below do have limited permissions granted to our employees.
  • No data is ever downloaded or shared. The only data printed is for posting goods. Our e-commerce system is integrated with Royal Mail. Royal Mail have secure data storage and robust policies for data handling. 

RETAIL : Our retail services are managed by We use this to process orders from our website and in store. We only collect data relevant to fulfilling your order. You can choose to subscribe to a mail list, and you have control on your continued subscription. We do not share this information. 

MARKETING: Our marketing services are supplied by: MailChimp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. MailChimp provides excellent secure data storage, and you can manage your subscription to our mail list at any time. Our social media pages are avalaible for you to opt in and out of at anytime. Some employees are allowed access to our social media pages. They are given training on GDPR, and expected to obey our no sharing and no download policy.  

FITNESS: Fitness data from the cycling studio is created via PerfPro and hosted on a secure DNS server with GoDaddy. Log in details are strictly held by the director. Data is never downloaded, shared or printed. The data we hold is only what you supply, and usually: Name, e-mail, DOB, and Weight. Overtime we will collect fitness data. This is shared with you via e-mail, if you choose. E-mails are generated automatically from the system, we do not hold your details and cannot e-mail you from outside of the secure application. In addition to this data, we also request any medical information you would want us to share with a paramedic should we need to call one for you. This information is stored in the same way. You may choose to share your fitness data with 3rd party apps such as Strava or TrainingPeaks. Once you have authorised this, you can control the access and the privacy settings from within your own account with these services. 

Further to this, we recognise that on occasion we may handwrite details such as phone numbers. It is our policy to destroy this data once it is used or uploaded into our secure web service.