Suspension Service

Keeping good care of your Shocks and Forks can prevent costly repairs and keep your ride smooth and your confidence high. Our suspension service options are to help you keep up with preventative and performance maintenance in a more cost effective way. Price does NOT include parts for repair or upgrade, but DOES include all essential wiper seals & lubricants that must be replaced. 

  • Level 0.5 - A lower leg service but without replacing wiper seals. A cost effective option to maintain forks after a really muddy ride. We only drop the lowers, clean, and just replace the foam lubricant reservoir before refilling oil. 

  • Level 1 - A lower leg clean and lube service. The lower legs are removed, the wiper seals are replaced, lubrication oil is replaced. We remove and clean out adjustment dials and lockouts too. The air spring will be cleaned, but seals only replaced if needed. This is what would be described as a 50 hour service interval. 

  • Level 2 - A more involved service that includes everything in level 1, but also inspects all parts, replaces seals and lubricates the moving parts in the upper legs of the fork. Oil in damper units will be replaced and bled. Air spring seals replaced and lubricated. This is the same as a recommended 200 hour service, and compares to the service you would get from the brand direct. The price includes all wiper seals, oils, and o-rings.  

  • Level 3 - For when a service inspection reveals damage that we are unable to fix without major parts from the manufacturer. We will always call you to talk through options before proceeding, including upgrading or replacing parts. The price reflects an average cost, but we will always quote for this type of major repair. 

  • Rear Shock - Air can service, seals replaced and lubricated. Bushings also be replaced. For a deeper service of the damper internals, repairs to failed shocks and upgrades please contact us for a quote. Rear shocks vary a lot in complexity. We have nitrogen filling facilities to allow the deeper service of most brands.

  • Seatpost - RockShox Reverb & Fox Transfer Dropper posts. Full Strip down and rebuild to repair and maintain.

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