The Winter of Mass Content - a round up

The Winter of Mass Content - a round up

March 03, 2022

January and February Round Up

Welcome to our winter round up of everything Mapdec. We've endured all 85 days of January, and a very wet February with a jam packed social feed full of bikes, training, and coaching. Highlights include a new podcast, some in depth Fred Whitton learns, and some very pretty (and fast) bikes.

Brew up and dive in.

The Social Club

From the fancy new feed zone, to a deep dive into the Fred Whitton Challenge, this winter's socials have been alive with content.

First up the Fred Whitton Challenge. Are you entered? Maybe you're just Fred curious, or you want to nostalgically look back at your own Freds of the past. If you're nodding to any of this, click through the below and enjoy the deep dive.


We've re-stocked and re-imagined our feed zone with the aid of some pretty cool tech to create an honesty box that you can scoop up, phone tap and go. Ideal if you're between classes, or dropping by for a pre ride pocket filler.



And finally, plug in your ear buds, and pick up some big learns via Mapdec's new podcast. That's right, Paul has committed his voice to the airwaves with a new venture that allows him to delve right down into some core coaching principles and share it with all that wish to listen. Give it a go, there's lots of nuggets to be savoured in his dulcet tones.


Coaches Locker

January and February have been firing on all cylinders in the gym and turbo studio. We've had full classes practically across the board paving the way for epic winter gains on and off the bike.

We've launched a live Xert class on a Monday and Wednesday evening so that you can train with us using your smart trainer in the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world. Up to 100 people can potentially join our class, so there's no worries about waitlists. Get signed up to Xert today and join in.

Accompanying this, we've also launched a 'How to Xert' series and you can watch these on our youtube channel through the link below:

See you all on the turbos.


From the Workstand

Custom builds were flying into the stands in January, and we had some really proud moments seeing some special bikes rolling out of the door with the Mapdec seal of approval.

Top: The absolute pinnacle of TT racing machines, the Argon18 E117 Tri Disc; Above: Pipedream Moxie in shocking pink - how pretty?!

We've also had our fair share of mountain bikes in the stands in the last couple of months. Bikes with suspension and bearing seals that are working a heck of a lot harder than their Californian designers had ever likely intended. If you've been out on a wet one, don't forget to check your seals for wear or dirt post ride, and pay attention to the recommended service intervals. Lots of things quietly deteriorate just underneath the surface of those seals. Keep on top of them and you'll be riding happily through the summer months with plush, smooth forks and shocks. Ignore them and the penalties start stacking quickly!




Keep turning those cranks, the nights are just starting to eek out. It won't be long before we're back to dry dusty trails and warm grippy tarmac.



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