Spring has sprung, or has it?!

Spring has sprung, or has it?!

April 05, 2022

March has happened, it was cold and everyone was ill, and then it was hot and GLORIOUS , and now its cold again...


The Social Club

First up Jake's jump bike. This is a Jake and Jake collab, one Jake in front of the camera, the other behind the lens, and on the edit. We think it's epic, and provides a fascinating insight into the little details that go into making the perfect bike for Jake's style of riding, right down to the amount of pedal pins, and a bizarrely placed lump of rubber. 🧐

Also, make sure to watch all the way through to the end, there's a marvellous outro. (lols ed.)

Paul has set his magnifying glass on the preparations required for a big ride on the road bike this month. If you've got a big ride planned, or you've entered a demanding sportive this spring, the Fred Whitton is our nearest and toughest, get stuck into this deep dive, and make sure you leave no stone unturned before the big day.

This month we've taken on a new enrolment of level two cycle mechanics, and got stuck into two weeks of intensive learning. Check out the post below showing them hard at work on their drivetrains.

We also had the Kendal 10th scouts in for a couple of really fun evenings learning the basics of how a bicycle works. Extra points were awarded for some really funky dance moves!

Learning, learning everywhere!


Coaches Locker

April is RECOVERY month. With pre season training in full flow it is important to pay attention to your recovery. In April we are challenging YOU to add 25% of your training time dedicated to your recovery. We are going to be providing classes, podcasts, special events and videos all month. Performance gains are made in the recovery, and the faster and better you recovery, the more you can train. Keep following for more info.


From the Workstand

We've suddenly got busy! After a fairly sluggish January and February, we've emerged into spring with a workshop full of bikes to fix. If you've got a big event or trip away coming up, make sure your bike gets into our queue in good time so we can get it back to you before your departure/start line.

Here's a couple of our proud 'straight off the Mapdec Custom production line' pics from the last month or so:

Top: Cinelli Zydeco Gravel excellence; Below: CAAD4 Aero a classic TT bike updated for the crit scene




Spring is sprung, and it's time to get cranking. See you on the trails/tarmac/skate park!



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