We Saved An E-bike from Landfill | Bosch Service Centre

We Saved An E-bike from Landfill | Bosch Service Centre

A lesson in using a service centre for your Bosch e-bike

 An e-bike’s service needs are similar to a conventional bike, but only up to a certain point, all the usual checks to brakes, chain, tires are needed but to really take good care of your Bosch e-bike motor  (or any other brand) the motor itself needs regular cleaning, checking and maintenance, and for that you need to visit a registered Bosch service centre.

One of customers brought in an e-bike that had never had an e-bike service. Another shop had kept on top of the general servicing and maintenance so the rest of the bike was in pretty good condition but the drive unit no longer worked. As a Bosch service centre we are were able to get into the drive unit and explore the problem. As soon as we got the casing off the shower of dirt and rust made it clear that water had been getting in, which is never a good sign for electrical equipment. Bearings were worn and the  PCB, printed circuit board, the electrical brain of an e-bike motor was rusted and non-responsive to our diagnostic tests. A damaged PCB is beyond the skills and training of most regular bike shops,  once water enters the drive unit and the PCB gets damaged the future for your bike looks particularly bleak and it’s likely to need a new motor. We go through the options in the video.

 Is e-bike servicing expensive?

 Servicing is an investment in the longevity and safety of any bike. Spotting minor problems early can often prevent further damage. E-bikes are generally heavier and put more torque on the drive-train so brake pads, chain, cassette  and even tires can wear out faster than on a conventional bike so regular checks are critical to stay on top of these parts. But the e-bike drive unit can’t be neglected or forgotten as part of servicing and as many shops aren’t yet comfortable or qualified to service e-bike motors going to a specialist service centre will pay off. As the case in this video shows, earlier maintenance would have spotted that wear and tear was allowing water damage and more severe damage could have been prevented by replacing the worn parts immediately. Instead of a completely new drive unit a relatively inexpensive replacement could have been fitted, returning the e-bike to full, functional use at a fraction of the cost.  However excellent the care is for the rest of the bike, without the drive unit being checked your e-bike has not been serviced.

 Can you replace a Bosch e-bike motor?

 If your e-bike motor is beyond repair it doesn’t mean that your bike has to be scrapped. A Bosch service centre can replace your motor and make your bike functional again, which is what we did for the bike in our video. A brand new motor costing over £700 was fitted and the bike passed our final mechanical inspection meaning we are happy that it is good to be returned to the customer.  It does raise some important questions though on the right to repair, should every manufacturer have spares or a reconditioning service available to avoid yet more landfill waste? Check out the comments after the video and add your own.

 5 Tips for maintaining your Bosch E-bike


  1. Regular Battery Care
  • Charging: Avoid depleting the battery completely before charging. Instead, try to maintain a charge level between 20% and 80%.
  • Storage: If you need to store your e-bike for an extended period, keep the battery charged between 30% and 60%.
  • Temperature: Store the battery in a cool, dry place. Extreme temperatures can degrade battery performance.
  1. Motor and Electronic System Maintenance
  • Firmware Updates: Regularly check for and install firmware updates to ensure your Bosch system operates efficiently.
  • Connections: Periodically inspect electrical connections and cables for any signs of wear or damage. Ensure connections are secure.
  1. General Bike Cleaning and Inspection
  • Cleaning: Use a soft brush and mild soapy water to clean your e-bike. Avoid using high-pressure water around the motor and battery as it can cause damage.
  • Inspection: Regularly examine the bike for loose bolts, cracks in the frame, or signs of stress. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.
  1. Brake and Drivetrain Maintenance
  • Brakes: Check brake pads regularly and replace them when they are worn down. Test the brake system frequently to ensure its responsive.
  • Chain Lubrication: Keep the chain well-lubricated and clean. A well-maintained chain reduces wear on other components and ensures smooth shifting.
  • Gear Check: Inspect the derailleur and other drivetrain components, adjusting as needed to ensure smooth and precise gear shifts.
  1. Professional Check-Up
  • Regular Service: Schedule professional servicing at regular intervals. A certified Bosch e-bike technician will ensure all components are in optimal condition and catch any potential issues early.

Maintaining your Bosch e-bike with regular servicing at home and at a Bosch service centre is key to maximizing its performance and lifespan.

By following these tips, you ensure a smoother ride and contribute to the overall sustainability of your e-bike. Happy riding!


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