Autumn Highlights Newsletter

Autumn Highlights Newsletter

December 01, 2021

Autumn Highlights

New floor new you, and a whole season of growing!


The Social Club


From one of the hottest days of the year, right through to one of the coldest, This autumn has seen some huge turn-arounds. We've been busy on the socials including rescuing passing end to enders, to launching a new coaching plan with more (and frankly incredible) ways to focus your training using muscle oxygen sensors and VO2 masks. Exciting times!

First up though, a frame swap bike build with lots of cool detailing and finishing, highlighting the difference between a mass produced big brand frame and a smaller manufacturer with perhaps more time to dedicate to the finer details of frame construction. Oh, and please excuse Paul's singing: 

Howard Papworth came to us, back in the last few days of the now distant balmy summer, with a broken wheel. He was midway through his end to end back lane adventure on his beautiful Condor tourer. We got some pictures of the fix, and later, a review from the man himself after he'd reached his destination all the way down at Land's End a couple weeks later.
The most incredible advancement in coaching tech has landed here at Mapdec, and we've developed a coaching plan centred around these new Muscle Oxygen and VO2 monitors that will accurately and precisely take the guess work out of your training schedule. Because when you know your limiter, you can train it.

Coaches Locker


In this coaches update, we're sharing three key points to cycle studio success this winter, and just in case you didn't catch us the first time, lets re-iterate. This new tech is amazing. The ability to observe muscle oxygen saturation live, in a group setting and to then fine tune your workout is mind blowing. This technology is visually demonstrating how your body responds to exercise and how best to breach your limitations to make future progress.

You don't need to be a pro to use this kit, in fact, you're a heck of a lot more likely to achieve massive gains as an amateur rider as you get such a clear visual demonstration of how and what to improve to make the fastest most productive fitness gains.

The in studio sessions look just as they always have, the only difference is that we place an unobtrusive sensor on your leg before you start, and we get the live trace of the rise and fall of muscle oxygen and haemoglobin as you ride.

Knowing exactly your limitations takes all of the guesswork out of your training, it's an absolute no brainer for the positive development of your cycling.

And finally, check out our badge. We're a certified training centre already, and we couldn't be more proud of it!



From the Workstand


Peaks and troughs would probably most accurately describe the last couple of months. We've got a few new builds eeking their way off of our wee production line, including a couple of clever 'purchase and move across' builds requested by two of our regular clients. The awesome Mason Bokeh mentioned at the top of this newsletter and a very pretty Santa Cruz Hightower CC.

In both cases, our customers have bought a full bike that they'd persisted with uncomfortably for a few months, before deciding to change the frame. Choosing a frame that is first of all, in stock, and second of all allows for most, if not all parts to be able to be swapped over means they get a brand new bike day, with most of their existing kit. Our Santa Cruz customer has suggested that if he'd have bought the full bike with similar parts, he'd have been spending nearly 2k more, and would likely be in a queue for months to come because of backlogged and unavailable parts. We think that's a really savvy move, and are obviously more than happy to do the skilled build process to make sure that his new bike day is a very happy day indeed!




The future's bright, the future is black, green and white, and has a Moxy sensor strapped to it!



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