6 good reasons to cycle indoors with us this winter

6 good reasons to cycle indoors with us this winter

Maybe you train at home, maybe you don't train at all, maybe you just toughen up and get outside. It's all cool, but maybe these 6 things could convince you to try us out. 

1. Access to state of the art technology.

We use top of the range Smart Turbo Trainers that transmit your power and cadence data. However the real advantage is the software we use. It collects this data, analyses it, and sends it back to the trainer to make adjustments every second as you ride. We e-mail you all of your ride stats so that you can track progress. We use Tacx Neo Smart Trainers in our Studio

2. It is far more relevant to outdoor riding than anything else.

With the instant feedback on your pedals and the data analysis you will soon find your pedal technique improving, your pedal cadence control improving, and your body position and form improving. Some of the most frequent feedback we get is around the improvements made in style and technique that riders were previously unaware of. Real benefits out on the road with more efficiency and more comfort.  

3. You use your own bike. 

A major plus in our eyes over regular spinning. Your bike fits you perfectly, and if it doesn't we can help with that. You get to practice your pedal style and cadence on the bike you ride, in the position you ride in. You won't suffer injuries or discomfort from misfitting a generic fit bike.  

4. Great entertainment options

Some folk love watching their data, and some love a bit of motivation from an instructor. We do both, plus great music and video footage. We use the famous Sufferfest video workouts to provide some great cycling footage and banter as you ride. Our software synchronizes with this video to give you a great immersive ride, that also ensures you only train to the level you either need to, or want to. We also offer virtual rides with software from Zwift. You can learn more about Zwift at zwift.com and multiple facebook forums.Use Zwift anytime in the studio

Sufferfest Licenced Embassy for great banter and motivation

5. It's competitive, if you want it to be..

Because we all have our own unique fitness scores, we also have our own unique targets to hit. Our system shows you if you are on target or smashing it. Having a fitness goal is one thing, but being able to visualise it live, and push yourself through those final few minutes is where we get those big fitness gains. We love it when you complete a session having hit your numbers spot on, with great style. It's not about who is strongest, but who is toughest. 

6. You can't improve what you can't measure. 

An old mantra that we think rings so true. We can measure your fitness, then we train at the correct level for you. Just below and just above your fitness. As you improve we measure again. We measure in Watts with the built in power meters. Working in Watts we can accurately measure and replicate the level of effort. To give you a frame of reference we also use heart rate and Riders Perceived Effort scales to help you transfer this knowledge about yourself back to riding outside. 

We log all your data and send it to you in an e-mail

6a... Go hard, go home

Train as hard as you like, push yourself, discover your limits in the safety of a studio. If it hurts, stop. If you're exhausted, stop, if you're not feeling great, just turn it down. You will learn a lot about what you are capable off, and you wont be stranded miles from home.

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