Introducing our new logo

Introducing our new logo

In 2011 I scribbled down a logo to brand up a map board I was making for a tiny crowd of crazy Adventure Racers.
In 2016, having sold over 1500 map boards all over the world, we are ready for the next step. Mapdec Cycle Works Black Logo

In August we are opening a cycling workshop and training studio in a joint venture with Lakes Cycles. We thought that we needed a new logo, to step away from our navigational roots, and step into a wider world. 

The idea is to provide a service to cyclists, a place to have your bike fixed, fix it yourself, and train to get fitter and faster. We have a ton of other ideas we will be rolling out steadily, including hire, classes, and guiding. 

The Cycle Works name reflects that service element, and is a nod to the old K Cycle Works on Sticklandgate. The picture below is a stunning insight into the popularity of cycling in the region in the 19th century. K Cycle Works Kendal Mapdec

In Kendal town today the only sign that this amazing place existed is this old sign, that we walk past all the time. The Cycle Works name was a must. 

K Cycle Works Sign Kendal

So this laid the foundations of our Logo. Something industrial, and reflective of our heritage. The green top to the capital M represents our Map Board beginnings, and subtle hint at 'raising the bar'. Green is the colour of energy, life, nature, harmony and ambition, so it became a natural choice. Plus it is my favorite colour. 

We can't wait to get this on a cycling jersey and take it racing!