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There is nothing sweeter than a smooth running ride. Discover all the ways that Mapdec Cycle Works can help keep your bike running like new. 

We Fix it

You Fix it

Learn to Fix It

Located inside the Lakes Cycles store, our workshop offers a full range of services for Road, Mountain Bike and Hybrids.  On certain days we run an open workshop where you can use our workshop, tools and oils to fix your own bike.  We run small evening sessions that range from getting starting with mid ride fix, up to building your own bike from scratch. 

• Price Match Parts

• Quote and Invoices via e-mail, so you can check prices.

• Provide your own parts if you prefer (even deliver to our workshop)

• Hire a workstand by the hour. 

• All common tools to build a bike avalaible

• Specialist tools and brake bleed kits can be used under supervision. 

• Private or small group maintenance workshops dedicated to you, your adventure or your bike. 

• Level 1 qualifications in partnership with Kendal College.