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  • What are the benefits of getting your bike serviced?

    What are the benefits of getting your bike serviced?

    Getting your bike serviced regularly is an investment worth making. It ensures your bike is safe and performs to its best. Riding a bike that creaks and squeaks is not just irritating but could be a sign that damage is taking place. Look after your bike and you will add longevity to components.
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  • TIME Bikes UK retailer - buying a custom built TIME bike

    As leading UK retailers for TIME Bikes we reveal what we think sets TIME apart from other carbon bike manufacturers. We have sold hundreds of custom build bikes and we know the TIME bike range intimately but when we got the chance to dig deep into a TIME frame we were absolutely blown away by the quality of the carbon and the craftsmanship.

    Did you know TIME control every individual strand of carbon used in the construction of a frame? Find out more

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  • When have you done enough training?

    When have you done enough training?

    Following on from our last episode about the relationships between LOAD , STRESS, and STRAIN. This presentation gives you guidance on HOW to recognise when your have achieved the aims of your workout.
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  • Muscle Oxygen Test with Kendal Cycling Club.

    Muscle Oxygen Testing

    This is what happens in a muscle oxygen fitness assessment that will determine where you should focus your training to progress your fitness.

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