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February 22, 2024

At Mapdec we really care about you getting not just the bike you want, but the bike that is right for you. We never give anyone the hard sell, but we really think TIME is something special.

Paul Vousden with custom built TIME bike made for a Mapdec customer

We have sold hundreds of custom build bikes and each bike is as unique as its owner.  We know the TIME Bikes range intimately – inside and out. We have extensively test ridden all the TIME bikes we sell and are very happy to share our experiences and arrange test rides.

 One of our criteria for what makes a good bike is that it needs to look as good on the inside and up close as it does at a first glance. When we got the chance to dig deep into a TIME frame we were absolutely blown away by the quality of the carbon and the craftsmanship.


What makes TIME Bikes special?

 Since its foundation in 1987, Time have continually pushed the boundaries of technology, design and innovation.

 Total Commitment to Quality Control

 TIME control every individual strand of carbon used in the construction of a frame. Using processesunique amongst cycling manufacturers their Braided Carbon Structure and Resin Transfer Moulding ensures a frame that it is stiff, safe, smart and strong. With more than 30 years of experience TIME have elevated the standard in creating carbon fibre in bikes to match the level found in Formula One.


TIME are literally transparent about the quality of their carbon. With their trade mark clear lacquer finish you can see the weave and almost look inside the frame. The carbon technology used by TIME is truly impressive. If you are considering buying a TIME bike it is worth watching our YouTube channel and learning as much as you can about their unique manufacturing processes using Braided Carbon Structure, Resin Transfer Moulding and sustainable Bio-Based Dyneema® fibres to truly appreciate the technology TIME offer.

Ride Feel

TIME Bike’s manufacturing process with woven carbon fibre and injected resin creates a frame that is incredibly stiff but doesn’t come with the type of vibration you would normally expect. The ride quality is absolutely superb. In your hand a TIME frame feels super stiff and really robust, you can’t feel any flex at all which might lead you to think the ride would be harsh, but it’s not. A TIME bike offers a really smooth ride. Vertically stiff but without any of the energy sapping road noise and vibration that can wear you down.


If you appreciate being able to see how your bike was constructed and the quality of the craftsmanship TIME is the brand for you. With TIME, technology, materials and manufacturing methods come first. TIME talk about their guiding principle - Le Defi / The Challenge. They use techniques more frequently seen in aerospace, elite motorsports and the automotive industry and nowhere else in the bike industry.

 Custom Build Service

 With our custom build service, you can choose the perfect finishing kit to make your dream bike. From wheels to group-sets and saddle choices we can help you make the best decisions so the end result is a bike you will love every time you ride it.  

 So you want to buy a TIME bike?

Explore our range of TIME Bikes or give us a call to talk through your options


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