Jake Atkinson's Thrilling Journey to 2nd Place at Red Bull Roof Ride 2023

Jake Atkinson's Thrilling Journey to 2nd Place at Red Bull Roof Ride 2023


Jake Atkinson, a rising star in the world of slopestyle mountain biking, recently achieved a remarkable feat at the prestigious Red Bull Roof Ride 2023 competition. Despite being a relative newcomer to the event, Jake secured a remarkable 2nd place finish, defying expectations and leaving spectators in awe. Let's delve into his thought process and emotions leading up to this incredible accomplishment, as captured in a revealing YouTube video

The Determination to Conquer New Tricks:

Jake's journey to the Red Bull Roof Ride 2023 began with a mindset focused on progression. As he contemplated the challenges ahead, he mapped out a mental checklist of tricks he hoped to perform flawlessly. From the cash roll to the 360 quadruple truckdriver and the elusive 360 triple truckdriver from flat drop Jake aimed to push his limits and showcase his skill on an international stage.

The Path to Red Bull Roof Ride:

Securing an invitation to the Red Bull Roof Ride is no easy feat. Jake explained that he had to compete in smaller competitions and accumulate points to build his ranking. Only the top four riders in the world were extended an invitation to this prestigious event. With his determination and consistent performances in the UK and silver events, Jake earned his spot among the elite.

The Decision to Participate:

Jake's decision to accept the invitation to Red Bull Roof Ride was not taken lightly. Despite his initial hesitation due to the magnitude of the event and the unfamiliarity of riding big jumps, Jake realized that the only way to improve and enjoy these challenges was by stepping out of his comfort zone. With unwavering determination, he embarked on an adventure that would test his skills and push him to new heights.

The Intensity of the Competition:

As Jake arrived at the event and witnessed the colossal scale of the jumps and the skill level of the competitors, he understood the enormity of the challenge ahead. With only 28 riders vying for a spot in the finals, the pressure was palpable. However, Jake maintained his composure, focusing on qualifying among the top 12 riders to secure a place in the finals.

A Surprise Qualification:

Despite not being a favorite to qualify, Jake surprised everyone with his performance. His meticulous observation of other riders' runs and his calculated approach helped him navigate the demanding course. By the end of the qualifying rounds, Jake found himself in an unexpected third-place position, guaranteeing him a spot in the finals.

The Final Run and Securing 2nd Place:

Heading into the finals, Jake faced tough competition from established riders such as Simon Kojak and David Wozniak. With one run left to make an impact, Jake remained focused on his own run rather than being influenced by others. He had already secured a podium finish, but with his final run, he aimed to solidify his position. With a breathtaking display of skill and precision, Jake executed his composed run, earning him an impressive 2nd place finish.

Emotions and Future Aspirations:

Jake's emotions were a mix of excitement, relief, and a hunger for future success. His remarkable journey from an apprentice mechanic to a top-level slopestyle mountain biker highlights his visual and kinesthetic learning style. Jake's dedication, hard work, and innate ability to learn through observation and hands-on experience have propelled him to new heights. Now, with a focus on the Rookie of the Year title and future competitions, Jake's sights are set on earning an invitation to Crankworx, the pinnacle of slopestyle events.