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Indoor Cycling - On Your Own Bike

Indoor cycling is widely proven to be an effective way to improve cycling fitness. Our studio offers structured and targeted workouts that are social, challenging and interactive. It is the most effective way to improve your efficiency, speed and endurance on your bike

In our state of the art 'Bring Your Own Bike' facility we use the latest smart turbo trainers from Tacx.  Using your own bike means you are in your prefered riding position to best translate your training back to the open road. 

Setting up is really simple

We will show you how to quickly remove your rear wheel and clamp your bike to the machines.  There is always a coach on hand to help and check. 

The Tacx NEO Smart Trainer, has built in power meters and cadence sensors, and can adjust the amount of resistance you feel through the pedals. This technology means that we can use a computer to give every rider exactly the right resistance. 

You can't improve if you can't measure

Each rider gets their data shown on a screen during the class, and sent an e-mail of your workout data. We also upload to Strava and TrainingPeaks if you wish. This takes a bit of getting used to, but it means you get a deep understanding of how your body is responding to your training and how you can best pace your rides outside. 

We offer coaching packages, and occasional seminars that will help explain the data, and the best ways to use it to guide your training. 

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