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Dedicated facility for cyclists & endurance athletes of all levels and ambitions.

Every class is coached to the highest level.

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Strength Classes

Whats On:

Kettlebell Classes

The class focuses on the components of Power, Force and Velocity. The moves will be dynamic and heart rate moderately high. 

Barbell Classes

The class is simple and challenging, but your technique really matters as the weight builds. There is nothing complicated in the class.Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Press Up, Chin Up and overhead press will be the key components of the workout. 

Strength Technique Classes

A class fully dedicated to developing the mobility, balance, proprioception and safe techniques for using kettlebells and barbells. 

Strength and Core

A higher heart rate strength class aimed a bit more towards muscular endurance and fun. A bigger class, led by coach Sarah, but less coaching input and more doing than the Essential Strength class beforehand. 

Strength Endurance

During the end of the Pre Season phase this is an additional Power Class to support the build phase of training

Memberships from £45

Classes From £10

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Turbo Classes

Whats On:

Cycling Performance (V02 Training)

The class will support the build phase of training and specifically focus on Zone 4 and 5. The high Intensity zones. 

Cycling - Lactate Threshold Training with Sm02

This is the class to improve your hill climbing speed and more intense endurance. The focus is on longer durations around your anaerobic or lactate threshold. Ideal for improving climbing, and racing speed. 


V02 (CPET) £120

Using Vo2 Master and Moxy monitor, this test is a progressive step test that identifies your ventilatory thresholds (VT1 & VT2).

Muscle oxygen Test/ Moxy 5-1-5 £120

Identify a performance limitation between Pulmonary, Cardiac or Muscular function that could be improved. This test examines muscle oxygen saturation in relation to heart rate.

BMR Testing £35

Resting Metabolic Rate

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Yoga Classes

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Whats On:

Yoga for Sport

Support your enjoyment and performance of your sport. Yoga at Mapdec incorporates many styles of yoga to strengthen, awaken, and calm the body and mind.  These are easy classes to follow for all abilities

Yoga Sapien

A 75 minute yoga practice, incorporating breath work, mindful movement and meditation. 

Yoga Sapien - Slow it down sundays

Slow and gentle yoga practice (yin/restorative/mindful movement), incorporating breathwork and a Yoga Nidra style relaxation at the end to set you up nicely for the week ahead.

Pilates for Sport Classes

Pilates is the perfect antidote to cycling. Improve posture and flexibility for lifelong joint health. 

Memberships from £45

Classes From £10

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Our well structured program changes at each season of the year to fit along side your own training.

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