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Cycling performance (Vo2 training)

The class will support the build phase of training and specifically focus on Zone 4 and 5. The high Intensity zones. 
There will be long periods of rest and short periods of intense exercise between 3 - 6 mins long. This trains your VO2 max, a key component to overall fitness and your efficiency producing energy with oxygen. 
This is not a hugely fatiguing class like the threshold class is, because of the long rest periods you should recover quickly. The class will be hard though and will get close to your max heart rates if you choose and are feeling good. 

Cycling - Lactate Threshold Training with Sm02

This is the class to improve your hill climbing speed and more intense endurance. The focus is on longer durations around your anaerobic or lactate threshold. Ideal for improving climbing, and racing speed. 

These classes will be quite tough, so be reasonably rested and in good health. 

The class will use muscle oxygen sensors to target your power output at Maximal Lactate Steady State (MLaSS) and to improve VLaMax (velocity of maximum lactate accumulation) 

Cycling - Endurance with SmO2

Endurance training with Muscle Oxygen.

In this class, we focus on the critical role oxygen plays in endurance and we train to maximize our oxygen use.

These classes are massively educational, thought-provoking, and fun. They are not difficult and can be used at any time in your training week.

The class will use muscle oxygen sensors to help work on Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF), doing so will improve speed and power at low intensity heart rates

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Each rider has a moxy monitor: About