Testing & Coaching


Testing will focus your training

About testing, what are the positives?

BMR Testing


Simple FTP


Vo2 (CPET)

CPET (Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test) is the gold standard in fitness testing. Using a Vo2 Master and Moxy monitor, this test is progressive step test that identifies your ventilatory thresholds (VT1 &VT2), Vo2 Max, and will accuratly establish your 5 training zones, based on the metabolic changes detected.
Training Zones are calculated based on relationship between oxygen uptake and ventilation in realtion to power and heart rate.

Moxy Test 5-1-5 / Muscle Oxygen Test

Identify a performance limitation between Pulmonary, Cardiac or muscular function that could be improved. The est examines muscle oxygen saturation (Sm0) in relation to heart rate.

This test is called a 5-1-. You ride for 5 mins and take a 1 min rest, then repeat the 5 mins. Next we up the resistance and repeat. The test usually lasts about 35 mins.


Coaching consultation


We offer:

Coaching consultation £60

Reviewing data from testing, set goals and make plans.

BIke Fit

We offer a package that promotes regular checks and updates to your position in a convenient way. We can do this because of our unique indoor cycling studio, and our relationship with Sports Recovery Kendal.

You will have an initial consulation. Finding a baseline position working from feet to fingertips. Bike fitting will often involve changing components of your bike such as: Cleats, Seatposts, Saddles, Handlebars, Stems, and headset spacers.

£60 45 min initial fit

£15 Adjustments