Bringing structure and focus to your valuable training time is the best way to achieving your goals.

Our approach to training is about you making ongoing intelligent decisions with your valuable training time.

Although a prescribed training plan has its merits, they often have a limited long term impact.

Whilst it is true that some specialist athletes need a 1:1 approach to balance the demands of a full-on race season. For almost every other cycling ambition we believe that Group Coaching & Adaptive Coaching offers a more versatile, educational, fun and motivational way to train.

Coaching can be included as part of a Mapdec Membership, or as a separate commitment. 

Get Started Plan - £140

This 1 Month Plan is designed to get you prepared, set up, and ready to make good decisions about your health & fitness and join our regular group classes with maximum confidence.

2 x Cycling meetings with our coaching team. One will be a fitness assessment involving Oxygen monitoring, power and Heart Rate. One will be a coached workout to talk through the data live.

• 2 x Gym meetings with our personal trainers. 1 will be to asses your mobility, body composition and metabolism, and a safety induction. The other will be a kettlebell and barbell technique 1:1 to prepare you for classes or activities on your plan.

• XERT Premium to track your fitness and prepare your training

• Access Mapdec Facilities after your induction meetings you will be able to use Mapdec Facilities and Classes like a regular member.

• End of Plan Debrief to help you take the next steps. 

Full Instructions & Support to get you set up with technology to support your training. Once set up most training can be done remotely.

Health & Fitness Testing

Discovering your limitations is the first step in making an efficient plan to improve. Each test includes your data and a review with the coach.

Resting Metabolic Test - Discover your true calorie requirement to help with a weight management plan. £60

VO² Performance Test - A cycling step test to establish training zones to relative watts and heart rate. Also known as Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test, The absolute gold standard in fitness assessment. (CPET) £100

Muscle Oxygen Test - A 5-1-5 test with a Moxy Monitor to determine muscle oxygen saturation as a limiter to performance. £100

Functional Threshold Power Test (FTP) Now often done on home trainers, this 20min test can benefit from a coaches input to help pacing and accuracy. £40

With our equipment we can also give insight into any inaccuracy with your crank or pedal mounted power meters.

There are many testing protocols designed to provide insight into various aspects of your health and fitness. Talk to us, and together we will investigate, and strategise a way forward.

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Group Coaching - £35 per Month

Training with a group is awesome. Everyone learns and achieves more

Dynamic Training Plan via XERT supported by your coach.

Coach Support via Text in Mapdec app

Regular group check in with your coach via ZOOM meeting. 

Access to recorded content, articles and workouts on the Mapdec app. 

3 Groups to choose from

1 Watt a Week - A group that aims to make steady sustainable fitness gains throughout the year through

Fast at Fifty - A whole body approach to health, fitness and speed for mature athletes.

Strength & Health - Often it is time to put the focus on your mobility, strength and overall health. This group considers nutrition, strength training and phycology.

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Full Athlete Support Package - From £80 per Month

Get everything you need to succeed. 

Training Plan delivered via TrainingPeaks (additional fee if specialist individual plan required)

TrainingPeaks Premium account included for further analysis of your workouts. 

Full Unlimited Access to  all Mapdec Classes, and off peak use of both training rooms. 

Full access to Virtual classes and Mapdec app content. 

• All the benefits of Group Coaching described above. 

This package offers exceptional value to the dedicated athlete by removing any barrier or limitation to use of our facility or coaching. 

A common upgrade is add an individual training plan and support in the build up to race or season. 

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Sometimes it is best to talk

We are sure you have a ton of questions

So ask them! If you would like a call back, please leave your number. 

We are always available for a quick chat after a fitness class, or drop in to the studio in the daytime for a chat.