Group Coaching

Smarter is faster

Adding structure and focus to your valuable training time is the best way to achieving your goals. Training with a group can offer many more benefits than traditional 1:1 coaching. Whilst it is true that some athletes need that approach to balance the demands of a full-on race season. For almost every other cycling ambition we believe that Group Coaching offers a more versatile and more motivational way to train.

Employing a coach is a big decision; it can be expensive and very demanding. Usually a cyclist or triathlete might only employ a coach to support a racing career, or in preparation for a big event.  What if you have broader goals, or similar goals to your friends? 

We offer 3 group-coaching options, called 6 hour +, 10 hour + and Multisport. These are fluid and you may join one or another during the year depending on what your schedule might be. They are all additional to an unlimited membership as the coaching plans utilize our fitness classes, and we like to speak to you face to face as often as we can.

Group Coaching

Each Package Includes:

Monthly Training Plan to progressively build your fitness.

TrainingPeaks Basic account to track fitness metrics and view schedule. 

Mapdec Group Coaching app for guidance, workout tips, feedback and communications. 

1 Thursday eve per month event to get face to face feedback, consult with your coach and skills workshops. 

6 Hours a week to train

6 hours of training and riding time a week is the benchmark for the time-crunched cyclist, the off-season enthusiast or the recovering athlete. 

This group will have an emphasis on general fitness, skills and wellbeing. You might join this group to start your fitness journey, or to be effective as possible with your time.

You can always do more, and in the group we will guide you though balancing your training hours and intensity. 

Membership + £25 pm 

6 Hour Group Sign Up

10 Hours or more per week

10 hours of training is much more of a commitment, and not something to be rushed into. You might commit to this plan all year, or ramp your training up prior to an event or for a season of racing. 

The 10-hour plan will generally take a polarised approach that balances workouts of high intensity with workouts of low intensity ones. We also include more strength and mobility workouts that will help you maintain this volume of training safely. 

Membership + £35 pm

10 Hour Group Sign Up

Multisport Group Coaching

This group uses a 10 hour per week plan to balance the demands of  two or more sports. This is most suitable for athletes who want to be competitive across Run, Bike & Swim events. If you just enjoy the odd run or swim, the 6 or 10 hour plans above may suit you better. 

On occasion this group may use an alternative location for the Thursday evening sessions. 

Membership + £35 pm

Multisport Group Sign Up

Taking it up a notch

On top of these Group Coaching plans we offer 2 more solutions to athletes that need either more flexibility or more focus

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