Mapdec - Grease Applicator Set

This is how we keep and apply grease in our workshop. It is a clean and accurate way to apply just the right amount of grease to specific areas of your bike. 

Use the 10mm brush applicator to apply grease to large areas in assembly work. this works great for: Bottom bracket threads, headsets, axles, pedal threads and installing pivot and hub bearings. We also use this with SRAM Butter, dynamic seal grease,or Military grease for suspension seals. 

The 14g flat needle applicator is great for really precise jobs where too much grease starts to hinder performance.  great for: Freehub pawls and springs, cup and cone hub bearings, pedal bearings, headset bearings and cartridge bearing overhauls. 

This product isn't particularly special to Mapdec, we provide it as a service. The parts in this kit are all readily available, but in bulk packs and long lead times from foreign suppliers.  We simply put this together in a more convenient way for home mechanics. 

The Set includes:

  • 50ml Hard Reusable Syringe
  • 20ml Hard Reusable Syringe
  • 14g flat needle applicator
  • 10mm soft brush applicator
  • 2 Luer Lock caps (to prevent leaks during transport)

As an option you can select to have the syringes filled with our favorite multi purpose grease, Mobil XHP222 (you will get about 50ml total due to packaging length)

The Suspension set includes:

  • 20ml Hard Reusable Syringe
  • 7mm Soft Brush Applicator
  • Luer Lock cap
  • about 15ml of SRAM Butter grease. 

Purchasing spares in the future will be possible by sending us an email and we will send out a custom order for what you need. 


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