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:Navigate & Ride

It started as a hobby and we like to think it still is. 

Open 5 Adventure Race


Born from our enthusiasm for adventure sports and navigation, we wanted better specialist equipment for racing.

Mapdec Old LogoHave you ever been at a MTBO or Adventure Race and seen the crazy collection of home made map boards? Unlikely, but that is how we started making a little device to hold a map to your handlebars. We still sell the Mapdec map board. 

It all started in 2011, and we are happy to be expanding our little enterprise to offer new products for the adventurous cyclist. In the summer (and sometimes winter) we take guided rides around the glorious English Lake District. We specialise in all day adventures, you know, the ones where you should probably be carrying extra lube, but never do!

Mapdec New LogoIn 2016 things got serious. We had scribbles of ideas in note books and lots of 'what if' chats over coffee and beer. Then one day an opportunity came along to partner with . They had a vision for something more than just retail, and recognised the advantage of working with specialists like ourselves. 

We are based in Kendal, at the gateway to the Lake District, but you can often find us at local events and races too. 

You can contact us at:

0844 334 3220