Welcome to The Feed Zone

Welcome to The Feed Zone

Handpicked nutrition with gluten-free, sugar free, vegan options. The Feed Zone is run as an honesty system, making it super convenient to grab and go before, during or after your session. 

Each week we are going share with you a bit more about one particular brand and what's inside the wrappers of goodness with our ever changing stock. This way, we remind ourselves why we chose them and you learn more about what you are fuelling yourself with. This week it's Picky Bars.

Picky Bars

The science: The bars are 4:1 carb: protein ratio (25% fat, 60% carb, 15% protein). This ratio is ideal for recovery and maximises absorption of nutrients. They are gluten, diary and soy free which aids for easy digestion. The bars are made with a mixture of nuts and seeds to maximise the nutrient diversity. The carb sources promote sustained blood sugar, sustained energy and nutrient absorption. Plus, there is no artificial anything - the bars contain real ingredients and sourced nearby (wherever possible). 

The brand: The brains behind Picky Bars are Lauren Fleshman, a professional runner, and Jesse Thomas, a Pro Triathlete. It's safe to say they know what they are talking about when it comes to refuelling during sport. They set up Picky Bars due to a lack of food bars available that could be eaten before, during and after workouts, was easily digestible and was real food. 

Lauren's Mega Nuts: The Picky Bar we currently stock includes a mixture of organic fruit, nuts and seeds, brown rice and rice cereal. The bar also contains natural sweeteners like agave and honey, with cinnamon spice too. They are delicious. Come try them yourself!

Lauren's Mega Nuts

If these go down a treat we might try out some other flavours like the 'BlueBerry Boomdizzle' and 'Moroccon Your World'.

Happy munching (and pedalling!).

Mapdec team.