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Made in the UK

A long held ambition of ours is to make the Mapdec map board wholly in the UK.

We didn't think it would be too hard. 

In fact we often found that UK companies that made plastic components were either just not online to be found, or simply not interested. We reluctantly went overseas and found some excellent partners with good prices and really good customer service. 

However, with our latest little updates we have managed to find UK suppliers of all the Mapdec components. The aluminium is from a UK smelters, and machined in Luton, Hertfordshire. The other plastic parts are wet CNC or laser cut in London, and even the felt pads are from a British firm. Not that we are overly patriotic, but we just thought that it was so crazy to burn fuel in transporting parts needless distances across continents. Our re-shoring effort has not saved us any money, but it has not cost us any more either. We just feel better that we have a closer supply of parts, and that our carbon footprint is smaller.