TIME - ADHX 45 Frame Set

The Time ADHX 45 is Time's first proper gravel bike, equipped with 45mm tyre clearance on a 700c wheel (or 50mm on a 650b if you're so inclined), giving you license to ride this bike anywhere you might desire, no matter what's underneath your tyres. The gravel DNA of the ADHX 45 is a notch above the original ADHX, fulling leaning in to the spirit of gravel, whether its on a fast fire road, or chunky descent, this bike will handle it all, all wrapped up in a stunning vertical gradient paint job.

The price you see here is what you pay for the frame, including shipping, taxes, and import fees, no hidden costs. It typically takes 2 weeks for a Time frame to arrive to us as they are usually painted to order. 

Enough from us, hear about it from Time themselves:


  • Google Maps can't figure out where you are most of the time 

  • What appears to be a vicious sock tan wipes off with a wet washcloth

  • You know exactly where that Forest Service road connects, and HIGHLY recommend it

  • You don't own a pump gauge that goes past 4BAR

 Bio-Based DYNEEMA® Fiber is Lighter, Stronger, and Smarter

Dyneema®fiber is 15x stronger than steel at the same weight and is so light that it floats on water. The promise of integrating Dyneema® in carbon structures has been making headlines for years now, but to date, very few manufacturers have been able to incorporate the material. TIME is different‚ we aren't reliant on materials availability from large carbon prepreg manufacturers. By weaving our own braided carbon structures (BCS), we have been able to test strands of sustainable Bio-Based Dyneema® fibers since they first became available from DSM.

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