Time - ADHX Frame Set

The Time ADHX (Alpe D'Huez X) is Time's all-road offering, the perfect middle ground between a road and gravel bike, allowing you that little extra to get you where you're going, no matter the surface. The ADHX has a maximum tyre clearance of 38mm.

The price you see here is what you pay for the frame, including shipping, taxes, and import fees, no hidden costs. It typically takes 2 weeks for a Time frame to arrive to us as they are usually painted to order. 



Enough from us, hear about it from Time themselves: TIME's debut allroad machine has quickly notched several victories: our ADHX is the first of its kind to incorporate Bio-Based Dyneema®, the World's Strongest Fiber, to build a better performing bike. It's the first to utilize braided carbon structure (BCS) manufacturing, a TIME exclusive that outperforms traditional carbon prepreg construction in almost every way by incorporating several types of fiber into each multidirectional braid. The ADHX is first in quality and tolerance control thanks to our highly accurate resin transfer moulding (RTM) process and is manufactured entirely in the EU using one of the most sustainable manufacturing processes in the industry. TIME's first performance allroad offering is more than a cursory nod‚ in many ways the arrival of the ADHX makes it the clear leader in a very crowded field, with pedigree to spare, an iconic look and an attitude eager to make a splash.

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