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The Sufferfest - Tour of Sufferlandria 3 - 11 Feb 2018


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The Tour of Sufferlandria is the Greatest Grand Tour of a Mythical Nation in the world.

Nine straight days of Sufferfest videos, blood, sweat and tears so we can give to the Davis Phinney Foundation, to help those whose lives have been affected by Pakinson's disease.
If you wish to make a donation, please follow the link below to the Davis Phinney Foundation Website Sufferlandria page. The more you donate, the more chance you have of winning some sweet prizes.


Ride the Tour. Suffer so those affected by Parkinson's don't have to.

We will be running stage sessions throughout this period (Check our calendar for specific session times), or feel free to book a slot during the day at a time that suits you.
Some stages include back to back Sufferfest videos so be prepared to cry. We have however taken the pressure off a little so each video can be booked on to individually if you aren't keen on completing the whole stage or the whole tour. Dip in and out as you please.
Those that are super psyched for the full tour, the fun starts now! Get your mouse finger ready and prepped for some epic clicking, make sure you book on to each video within each stage!

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The Route!

Stage 1 - Saturday 3rd February - Who Dares (9:30am) + The Rookie (10:30am))
Stage 2 - Sunday 4th February - Shovel (9:30am) + Power Station (10:30am)
Stage 3 - Monday 5th February - Getting Away With It (7pm)
Stage 4 - Tuesday 6th February - The Trick (7pm)
Stage 5 - Wednesday 7th February - Fight Club (6pm)
Stage 6 - Friday 9th February - Do As You're Told (7pm) - Haha!
Stage 7 - Friday 9th February - The Chores (7pm)
Stage 8 - Saturday 10th February - Butter (9:30am) + Thin Air (10:30am)
Stage 9 - Sunday 11th February - Kitchen Sink (9:30am - 12pm)

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