Learn to service your Suspension Forks - RockShox

In this Monday evening course we take you through a basic service of your RockShox suspension forks. This is an advanced class, where we will take you through the steps to perform basic maintenance to keep your forks feeling as plush as possible, and prevent future damage to the stanchion surfaces.

Prerequisites:  You should be comfortable removing and safely replacing your forks back in your frame, and be familiar with suspension set up such as sag and rebound. 

Course Outline:

- Parts identification, tools, fluids, and safety 

- Remove fork lowers and clean

- Refit fork lowers and replace fluids

This course is designed to demonstrate the level of maintenance a good home mechanic could achieve without the need for too many specialist tools and fluids in order to keep their forks in top condition. It is not intended to replace the recommended full overhaul service. Ideally your forks should be in full working order, but not feeling as plush as they once were. The course runs from 6pm to 9pm on the date advertised. All fluids and lubricants you will use are included in the cost of the course. Class size will be no more than 5 people. You will need to bring your RockShox suspension fork only. Please do not bring your bike. The use of PPE will mandatory and will be supplied. 

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