Sanguan - USB Converter Cable

This 5v Converter cable turn your 8.4v (4 Cell) battery pack into a USB device charger... And enables your light battery pack to be charged via a micro USB phone charger. 

• Top up your mobile or GPS device while riding

• Reduce cable clutter by using your existing USB charging device to charge the battery pack

The device is made from CNC aluminium with waterproof connections. However the USB ports are not waterproof. The Standard USB slot is the Output, for when you need to charge up a phone or GPS. The smaller Micro USB is the Input for using a PC, or phone charger to charge up your battery pack. Green & Red LED give you feedback on the state of battery pack charge. 

Compatible with 8.4v 4 Cell batteries with newer 10mm connector found on. N1000, K20, & K21. 


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