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Pilates for Cycling

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Pilates is a type of workout that specifically targets core strength and stability of the body and limbs. For cyclists a stronger core can aid a more efficient riding position with increased power and comfort. Runners, Swimmers and Triathletes benefit in similar ways.

Jo Horsley, our passionate Pilates practitioner with over 15 years of experience, has witnessed first-hand the extremely positive life transforming effects that Pilates has to offer. Qualified as an instructor since 2012 Jo has been actively instructing on an average 15 classes per week, for people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Jo strongly recommends Pilates for Cyclists

Many cyclists’ main performance concern is optimising their power-to-weight ratio, increasing their VO2 max or developing explosive speed. However, what about an activity that develops core strength, stability and motion control? Pilates is a worthwhile addition to your training routine. 

(A new membership package will include these fitness classes, while be build up a bigger menu of classes we will just operate on a Pay As You Go) Booking is not always essential, but it does guarantee your place and greatly helps us plan. 

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