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Overhaul your Drivetrain - Mountain Bike

Mapdec Cycle Works

Trashed your rear mech, can't get into your low gears? This course will get you sorted, and give you all the skills to successfully keep your drive train running smooth and silent. This is also a great course to do if you want to convert to a modern 1x drivetrain. Just check in with us before the course to ensure we have the parts for you. As always we will price match any parts needed. 

In this 3 hour course we will:

  • Strip the mechs, cables, chain, and cassette off the bike. Give everything a good clean, and lubrication. Replace the chain and cassette if required (best to check in to ensure part availability before attending)  
  • Check alignment and prepare frame and wheels.
  • Refit and align mechs, and chain guards refit chain and cassette
  • Replace shift cables (included)

This is a Green level course, so no experience is required. To save time we like to focus on more modern drive trains so that we avoid legacy compatibility issues. 9 Speed (cogs at the rear) systems and above are ideal, and we can cover SRAM and Shimano systems. 

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