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Orange Seal - Road Tube Kit

Orange Seal

A cheap and practical solution to avoid dealing with punctures on your road bike!
Orange Seals Road Tube Kit offers everything you need to reduce the number of punctures you experience whilst sticking with a tube set up.
By adding 2 ounces of sealant to each road tube you eliminate most of those annoying punctures.  Once injected into the tubes, installed, and inflated, your tires should hold air longer which means you don’t need to pump them up every time you ride.
Without adding any major weight to your set up this kit is the way forward if your wanting a peaceful uninterrupted ride.

Kit Includes:
48mm 700-18x23c road tubes with RVC stems x 2
- Orange Seal Injection System x 1
- RVC Tool x 1
- Ornage Seal Sealant - 4oz x 1

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