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Moscompass - Model 2 Fast Orienteering Thumb Compass


Fast Setting Running & Orienteering Compass,

If you prefer to run hard, and then lift your map and compass for quick and frequent navigation checks, this is the model for you. We think this is better suited to longer events, such as Mountain Marathons and Adventure Racing, where the distance between controls is longer. You may run or walk in a more comfortable position, raise your map, and be assured that the needle sets fast and precisely. If you need a constant read on your orientation, and run with your map in front all the time, the Model 9 stable may suit you better. 

The rotating bezel and scale allows you to set a heading, and remember it, leaving you to concentrate on the approach to the control and the terrain. 

This compass is best suited to runners, as a map can be gripped with the thumb print through the hole. Using the thumbing technique with this compass is a very precise navigation tool. 

 These can be adapted for left or right hand use. This video explains how. 

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