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Moscompass - Model 2 Fast - Orienteering Wrist Compass


Very Fast needle for quick navigation checks,

Best for pure mountain bike orienteering, 

Ride and run hard when the navigation is easy, and simply lift your wrist for a very quick reference when the terrain demands. Best worn on the wrist and used for momentary glances to set the map and check your direction of travel. Often best for mountain biking when you need both hands to handle technical terrain, and then need a fast navigation check when you have the chance. 

The rotating bezel and scale allows you to set a heading and remember it leaving you to concentrate on the approach to the control and your technical riding. 

The quick reference technique works well, as some trails are so bumpy that even the most stable needle from the Model 9 is not be adequate to cope with really vigorous terrain. However you will only need to be patiently still for a second while the needle of this super fast compass sets to North. 

For a stable needle used for more constant reference look at the Model 9

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