Moscompass - Model 11 Sport - Orienteering Wrist Compass

Versatile multisport compass,

High visibility, less specialised & less expensive option,

A high quality wrist compass that does not feature a particularly fast nor stable needle, but is equally reliable as our other models. Ideal for the less competitive navigator that enjoys the precision of navigation and not so much the speed it is accomplished. That said, its needle set time is still just 2 seconds. 

The rotating bezel and scale allows you to set a heading, and remember it, leaving you to concentrate on the approach to the control and your technical riding. The high visibility wide needle and bright bezel is a useful feature for night navigation and visually impaired navigators. 

This compass matched with the mapdec map board is a perfect partnership for trail quest events, and touring. Allowing for confident and precise navigation. Faster moving athletes counting the seconds may prefer the Model 2, while technically difficult navigation is more suited the stability the Model 9 offers.