Membership Code - 20 Sessions

Training Studio

Use the studio on a regular basis and want to save some time and even more cash when you book? Motivate yourself even more by prepaying and committing to a regular training schedule. We will help you with that commitment by saving you some cash. 

This deal will save you £30 over 20 bookings. Saving £1.50 per session. You could use that saving to get your own Zwift account for the winter, or get your bike cleaned and degreased in our workshop.  

Buying this will generate a code that we will send you via e-mail. Just use that code when you book online and it will zero the price. You can share it with friends and family too if you like. This is the best value if you use the studio more than once a week on average. 

The code will discount any Training Studio booking by 100%, up to 20 times. This includes solo and group sessions, and FTP tests. The code is valid for 3 months, and no refunds can be given for unused credit. 

This offer does not apply to sessions organised by 3rd parties such as Kendal Cycling Club. 

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