Mapdec - Rotating Map Board


  • Have a look at our Package Deals that include a high quality wrist compass to really power your navigation speed. 

    • Mount for 31.8mm handlebars includes the alu NoTools bolts for quick and easy fixing and removal. (cheaper version with 5mm hex bolts also avalaible)
    • Tapered support deck provides a rotating base for orientating the map as you move.
    • The 224mm square Polypropylene deck is strong and stiff, and will not shatter in a crash.
    • Your map is simply secured with 4 bungee loops. Or whatever method you care to invent.
  • This article in Outside Times by Andy Wilson is a good comprehensive run down of the mapdec features. 

    The Gear Nuts USA is a blog written by really passionate adventure athletes. 

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