Juice Lubes - Ceramic - High Performance Chain Oil

Without doubt this is our favorite chain oil ever. Super smooth shifts and good all day endurance in all but the worst conditions. It doesn't collect dirt, and runs quietly. Superb! 

Chain Juice Ceramic is an advanced chain lubricant that utilises cutting edge, ceramic additive technology to improve gear shifting performance. You should notice distinctly quieter, smoother and more “crisp” gear changes when using Chain Juice Ceramic.

The ceramic additive behaves in such a way that on a microscopic level it forms a laminar plate structure over the chain which greatly reduces metal on metal contact and therefore you enjoy better gear changes at all times, even under load when you shouldn’t really be changing gear at all! You know the times – when your gears normally create a noise that makes your face screw up??!

Chain Juice Ceramic will also greatly extend component lifespan and protect against rust and corrosion.

It is most suitable for use in dry to damp conditions.


Apply to a clean and dry chain.

Open the flow valve cap about half way and apply a thin bead of lube to the chain whilst steadily back pedalling the cranks. You do not need a lot, just enough until you notice the previously dry chain is much quieter.

Allow a couple of minutes for lube to penetrate the chain and wipe off any excess before starting your ride.

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