Juice Lubes - Carbon Juice- Carbon Construction Paste

Essential for places where carbon tubes get clamped such as the Stem, Handlebar and Seatpost. This paste ensures that these parts stay solid at the low bolt torque demanded. This paste is bright red in colour, hopefully stopping you accidentally adding to your bearings. It contains grit to aid friction. 

Before Carbon Fibre became the new best thing to make bicycles from, we were used to just tightening a clamp and the item being clamped staying put. Fine for Aluminium/Steel/Titanium; not so for slippery Carbon Fibre. At best your seat post would gradually slip down leading to irritation and progressively more tired legs and at worst, because you know its a bit slippery, you over tighten and then "snap"....... Time for a new seat post as the last one now has a lovely crack through it!

So with this in mind, Carbon Juice is there to give a little helping hand at increasing the friction between previously slippery carbon fibre surfaces. It reduces the chances of slippage and eliminates the need for you to over tighten and risk damaging your light weight parts. And one small pot will last a very long time as so little is required per application.

Simply apply a very thin layer to component interface area's and tighten to manufacturers recommended torque settings.

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