Jagwire - Mountain Elite Sealed Shift Cable Kit - SRAM/Shimano Mountain

A high performance cable kit designed to keep dirt out and keep your cables running smooth.
The Jagwire Elite Sealed Kit uses a continuous liner with seals to completely protect your system against dirt, mud and debris. Ideal for Lake District biking where this these conditions cannot be avoided!

Using Jagwires Speed-Lube ultra slick lubricant, this cable kit offers the lowest possible friction delivering precise, compression-less shifting.

Derailleur Specifications

Housing Construction: LGX

Compatibility: SRAM / Shimano Mountain

Front Cable Length: 1500mm

Rear Cable Length: 2300mm

Housing Length: 3200mm

Liner Lube: Speed Lube 1425mm / Speed Lube 2225mm

Cables: STS-LF / Coated Shift Cable

Outside Diameter: 5.0mm

Small Parts: 2 Grub Seals / 4 Open Brass End Caps / 7 Open Alloy End Caps for 5mm Housing / 2 Non-Crimp Cable Tips / 2 3G Tube Tops / 2 Rotating Hooks

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