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Group Training - Strength & Core

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Strength & Core with Sarah Jones

The Strength and Core Class aims to build the foundations in strength training to provide cyclists with improved performance and aid injury prevention. This class is suitable for all abilities and will use Kettlebells to perform key movements.

Adding off the bike, specific strength classes like these will be really beneficial for steep climbs and top end power. targeted strength training also develops the muscles around the joints to help hold your body in the best possible posture for power delivery. Core exercises help with power delivery and comfort and is so important for cyclists of all levels. 

This class is great for Mountain Bikers too, as it will also develop your strength to handle the bike, riding faster with less fatigue.  

(A new membership package will include these fitness classes, while be build up a bigger menu of classes we will just operate on a Pay As You Go) Booking is not always essential, but it does guarantee your place and greatly helps us plan. 

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