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Group Training - High Intensity Intervals with The Sufferfest

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Around 45 mins of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to increase speed, and sustain your ability at threshold. These sessions are for experienced cyclists. The sessions will involve going over your threshold power and heart rate multiple times for short efforts. Up to 120% of your FTP score. You will need to understand the relationship between cadence and force to maintain your power output as you respond to multiple and rapid changes in the workout. A tough and very rewarding 45 mins. 

Synchronized to the famous, challenging and exciting videos of The Sufferfest or occasionally a custom 'in-house' session. The workout is usually from the speed workouts section from the 'Menu of suffering' .

If you are unsure of what turbo trainer to book from the list, please contact us first.

Check the time table and book online to reserve your state of the art trainer on our group sessions. 

Remember to bring:

  • Your bike. (Rear wheel is removed to direct mount, no need for special tyres etc)
  • Your shoes and kit (there is a small changing and shower facility) 
  • Water bottle
  • A small towel will keep you comfortable when sweaty
  • An ANT+ enabled heart rate monitor (Like this Heart Rate Strap) 

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