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In the indoor sessions we ride the route profile of a real course. Unlike our usual sessions the computer will simulate a gradient based on a GPS recorded route. This is unlike our usual sessions where the computer gives you a % of your FTP (fitness) to ride against. These sessions are great fun, and can become a bit of a race, as some of you will naturally go faster through the course than others. A bit of competition is a great way to really push on your training. If you feel great and full of energy you can have a real blast, or if you need a solid ride, you can pace it how you feel. We will usually finish the ride after the first couple of riders finish, or after 35 mins or so. 

We mix it up with a combination of mountains and hilly routes. These are really good sessions for people training for epic mountain rides, or needing to inject some speed into their legs. 

A session will last an hour:

  • 10-12 min warm up
  • 30-40 min ride
  • 10 min cool down and stretch

Anyone can ride these sessions, although it is important that you set your own goals. You manage the intensity by using your gears to cope with the gradient of the route. Check out the Facebook page for details of specific sessions. 

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