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Group Training - High Intensity Speed Intervals

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40 mins of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to increase speed, and sustain your ability at threshold. The sessions will involve going over your threshold power and heart rate multiple times for short efforts. Up to 180% of your FTP score. A challenging but short blast to push your fitness along. In the summer you can add these focused workouts to your ride. Cycle in, smash out 40mins of targeted intervals and ride home the long way for quality cool down. 

Remember to bring:

  • Your bike. (Rear wheel is removed to direct mount, no need for special tyres etc)
  • Your shoes and kit (there is a small changing and shower facility) 
  • Water bottle
  • A small towel will keep you comfortable when sweaty
  • An ANT+ enabled heart rate monitor (Like this Heart Rate Strap) 

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