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Full Frontal 4DP - Fitness Test

Mapdec Cycle Works

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The new cycling fitness test introduced by the Sufferfest and Apex Coaching. 

This test is designed to give a more comprehensive overview of a cyclists strengths and weakness across 4 metrics. (4 Dimensional Power) We are experimenting with this new test for now, and greatly appreciate your efforts and feedback. 

FTP - The usual Functional Threshold Power metric that we use to great effect everyday in the studio. Tested over 20mins 

NMP - Neuromuscular Power is pure sprinting ability and tested with 2 x 5sec sprint efforts. 

AC - Anaerobic Capacity is for short, sharp efforts. and tested on a 1 min max effort. 

MAP - Maximal Aerobic Power is sustained power over a few minutes at VO2 max. Tested during a 5 min big effort. 

You can learn more about the test and its purpose on the Sufferfest site. The test lasts 1 hour, and we will review the results and introduce you to future classes that will help build. 


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