FABRIC - Lumaray Front Light - 30 Lumen

With its wrap around, High powered COB LED bulbs, the Fabric Lumaray offers an exceptional 270° visibility, keeping you safe in low light conditions.
Its slim build is designed to fit seamlessly between your Garmin Cycle Computer and its mount, reducing clutter on your handlebars and keeping things a little more streamline (because every little bit helps!).
The Lumaray is USB rechargeable so you can always make sure it is ready for use.
We think this is a great, versatile little light with a reasonable price tag.

Run times

  • High: 2hrs
  • Medium: 3.5hrs
  • Low: 7.5hrs
  • Flash: 7hrs

  • 30 Lumen
  • Sandwich mounting
  • Micro USB
  • 270° visibility
  • Shower proof
  • Up to 7 Hours battery life
  • Powered by COB technology

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