FABRIC - Chamber-R Tool SLV


The smooth metal case of the Chamber safely and securely holds 13 tools, ensuring there is no snagging on clothing or equipment. Weighing in at only 162 grams it is lightweight and portable. Seated securely within the Chamber are 6 double-ended bits and an 8mm over-bit. The bits can be used at different lengths in the Chamber head, increasing access to the many hard to reach areas on a bicycle. This ratchet head version, offers the additional functionality of a reversible ratchet, making fiddly adjustments much faster. 

We love how this slips inside a rear pocket or seat pack, and that the tool heads are covered up away from salty sweat and water. The ratchet makes things so much easier to do. More of a cycle touring tool than a racers tool, but, add the new chain tool to your pack and you will have a very versatile and lightweight tool set capable of fixing most things on your bike.  

13 functions

2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, SL3, SL5, PH1, PH2, T10, T25

Head_Ratchet stainless steel
Base_Stainless steel
Tools_70mm steel

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