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FABRIC - Cell - Radius - Elite Saddle - 155mm


It looks great and it’s very durable but comfort is first and foremost with the Cell. The world’s first airsprung saddle uses cushioning technology seen in high end running shoes to provide unrivalled rider support and comfort. The Cell saddle has a durable, weatherproof TPU cover and comes in a range of 6 striking colours. With a width of 155mm, the Cell saddle is designed to offer unrivalled comfort for riders adopting a more upright, relaxed position. Ideal for urban, commuting and all terrain use. We also found this a great option for bike packing and long distance touring, doing multiple long days in the saddle. 

We like this saddle because the extra cushioning is still supportive and springs back, making it feel like an extra centimeter of suspension rather than just more padding. 

Width 155mm
Length 282mm
Upper Water proof TPU rubber
Core Unique Hex-Air cells
Base Nylon flex
Rails cro-mo

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