DexShell - Long Bamboo Longlite Waterproof Biking & Running Sock

Oh Yeah! Stripy, Knee length, Waterproof Socks. 

Seriously, these are excellent at keeping feet dry. As we know water strips body heat 20 times faster than air. Keep your extremities dry, and your blood has a better chance of keeping hands and feet warm. 

These socks have a super soft Bamboo high wicking lining, bonded to the highly breathable and waterproof membrane. The outer stripy face is also bonded, creating what feels like a single layer sock, in fact hiding 3 layers of protection. 

  • 100% porelle waterproof membrane 
  • Knee length, with 3D construction and cuff seal
  • Eco friendly Bamboo Rayon lining
  • 100% awesome!