Tacx - Direct Drive Quick Release Adapter set - 142 x 12mm - T2835

Use these quick releases to put a racing bike with disc brakes or a mountain bike with 12mm axle skewer in a Tacx direct drive trainer. The axle is supplied with an adapter set so you can select the right combination for your bike. These axles are only suitable for the Tacx direct drives such as the Neo and the Flux

Suitable for bikes with axle width of 142 mm and 12mm axles. These will also fit Boost equipped bikes with 148mm Axles when used with the 5mm spacer supplied with the Neo and Flux trainer units. More details can be seen on the Tacx website. 

This kit swaps out the axle mounts on the Neo or Flux. You then pass the longer skewer supplied through the correct non drive side adapter, through the trainer, and fasten with the drive side screw. You can use either a recessed type adapter or flush, depending on your frame. 

Please call us if you need more information on compatibility. 

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