Bike Fitting - Initial Consultation

We believe that bike fitting is an ongoing and dynamic process. Your body is not a static object, and therefore we should be prepared to constantly evaluate and adapt our position on the bike. Your range of flexibility, muscle mass and general fitness will all influence what you find to be a comfortable and efficient cycling position.

To match this philosophy we offer a Bike Fitting package that promotes regular checks and updates to your position in a convenient way. We can do this because of our unique indoor cycling studio. 

Step 1 in this process is the initial consultation. In this we will establish a baseline position working from feet to fingertips. 

  • We start with a run through of your current setup, problems and aspirations, before taking some key measurements of both you and your bike. 
  • We set your bike up on our Direct Mount Smart Trainers so we can constantly monitor changes to your cadence, pedal smoothness and power output. 
  • We use our video analysis software to capture position from Front, Back, Left & Right. With this we can accurately check alignment of biomechanics and diagnose areas of instability, and coach you into a better style with your new technique

Step 2 is a commitment to develop your pedal technique, core stability & flexibility with our help, and to then use these gains to adjust your position to find even more comfort and performance gains. 

Bike Fitting will often involve changing components of your bike such as: Cleats, Seatposts, Saddles, Handlebars, Stems, and headset spacers. We will, if you prefer, fit temporary parts so that you can check the fit before investing in upgrades. Our prefered fitting parts are the PRO range from Shimano, along with Fabric saddles and grips. 

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