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Our Group Training Sessions

To help you build a training routine around your experience and goals we offer 6 types of workout that vary in purpose and intensity. 

The Power of Music - Our most popular beginner, and early season training class. Ideal for conditioning work, fat burn, and  technique. We would recommend this class for your first few visits until you get the hang of how our classes work. (Sessions are mostly at Tempo and under 80% of your FTP)

Hour of Power - This lively session uses the videos from The Sufferfest library.  They demand lots of cadence changes and bursts of high energy. A perfect session would be when you think you are on the edge but just make it through the final seconds. Great for building endurance and recovery. (Usually at or over Threshold and upto 95% of FTP)

High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT - These binary sessions make you fast. Using the Sufferfest series again these sessions are mad, and sadistically fun. Expect very short bursts of max efforts and occasionally having to use your gears to hit power targets. (Shorts bursts of up to 180% of FTP to train VO2, MAP and AC) 

Real Rides - We pull up a ride profile of a route about 15 - 20km long. The machines will simulate the gradient changes. Some riders treat this to evaluate their training, some as a bit of a race and some as quality threshold training. If you have a competitive spirit you will love this challenge, be it with your own goals or against the friends you make here. 

FTP Assessments and Inductions - These sessions can be done in a group or 1:1. It is to establish your FTP Score. Your Functional Threshold Power score is the foundation of how we train at Mapdec. You can learn more about this in the Getting Started guide. The session is a 20 min warm up, followed by a 20 min max effort ride that you control. 

Technique Classes - About once a month we hold a small group session that just focuses your your technique. An efficient pedal stroke, a stable body position, strategic gear changes, cadence control, and all that good stuff that makes you more comfortable and more efficient.