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Welcome to Mapdec v2.0

🚴‍♀️ Thank you for all your enthusiasm & support this summer 😍 

Induction to Cycling Fitness - KCC Offer

Everything has changed, and so have we. 

Last spring in COVID Lockdown we all enjoyed our Training for Health project, and we had great fun together. Over the Summer we have been busy preparing for our relaunch. Now, we are excited to invite Kendal Cycling Club to try our upgraded cycling fitness facility. 

We can no longer train in big groups, but we can train as a community of riders committed to using this winter to improve. 

In this 4 week course you will:

• Be sent an online training plan backed up with support from our team of 11 coaches. 

• Learn how to use and access the range of technology you have at home and at Mapdec Cycle Works

• Have an In Person fitness test and review with a cycling coach, and a strength coach. 

• Set up your training zones & establish weight training targets. 

• Get signed off to use the Mapdec gym and studio alone, or with your friends. 

• Learn about key fitness metrics and how to track them using TrainingPeaks, Strava and similar. 

• Learn about nutrition for riding and training. 

• Experience the range of Virtual Mapdec classes including Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Strength and Coaching.

• Support from the Mapdec coaches via the Mapdec app. 

• A mid course check in for questions. 

• An end of course debrief. 

This course is usually £160.  Click below to sign up. Courses start every 2 weeks though October & November. 

Just £100 for KCC Members

What Next?

After your special KCC induction we think you will have a clear vision to how might support you best. 

Browse our other coaching plans or discover our membership packages if you choose to self coach. 

Coaching at Mapdec