Individual Coaching

If you don't measure it, you can't improve it. 

TrainingPeaks Premium app

Every Group Coaching plan will use the basic edition of this valuable fitness tracking tool. The premium version gives us much more insight into the effects of any training, riding or racing you do that is outside of the plan.

When you purchace with us we will guide you though set up and how to use the analytics to make more informed decisions about your training.  

membership +£20 pm

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12 Week - Personal Dynamic Plan

Throughout a season there are times when you will need a bit more focus. It might be to periodise your fitness over a series of races, or prepare yourself for something epic. It could also be for some focused rehab, or fitness kickstart

We always like to speak to you before you sign up to make sure we have the right people to help. 

You will be given a personalised 12 week plan that is designed with your current timetable and ambitions in mind. Your coach will check in regularly and change and adapt the plan to suit missed workouts, or fitness improvements. 

Coaching doesn't have to be just cycling related. You might consider some 1:1 time with one of our strength coaches, or skills coaches. 

Membership + TrainingPeaks Premium + £180 (one payment)

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