Make a real commitment to your training and attend any class you like, as often as you want.

This pass gives you access to all cycling sessions and fitness sessions. If you regularly train at Mapdec once a week you will save cash! With no limits left, just imagine what you can achieve. Your membership also entitles you to use our facilities off peak during regular opening hours. We will run through a quick induction to help you train safely on your own, and show you the range of software and equipment avalaible to you.

We also offer a 'light touch' coaching package. Please speak to us before setting this up. 

Your Membership contract is set up in our MINDBODY booking app via Card or Direct Debit. You can cancel at any time. Every time you book a class it will be just a few clicks on the app.

* Unlimited membership does NOT include the Thursday evening club coached cycling sessions, but does apply a 25% discount. The Thursday evening fitness classes are included. 

Download the MINDBODY app to your phone for fast and easy booking, and management of your schedule